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Where Did You Get Your Legos?

The Cornwall/Devon area of England is a tourist attraction, not the least known these days for, Cornish pasties (which were invented to put in tin miners lunch pails) and as the area where the PBS show Doc Martin is filmed.

But there is something more happening in this area which may not be as well known. It has to do with the sea giving up a treasure trove. Not of gold and silver but Legos!


Yes, Legos and there is even a Facebook page for touting your finds from over the years –

Happy hunting!

Here are several stories on these strange happenings in the Cornwall/Devon area of this beautiful countryside: and

Traveling With Your Pets

When traveling, many folks not only take the kids (except maybe for that second honeymoon) but their pets as well.

Travel broadens horizons for you so why not for the family dog and cat. After all they like new treats as well.

As with kids, the more comfortable your pets when traveling, the more enjoyable your expeditions will be for all involved.

Here is some considerations that may make life easier for the family pets, as well as you, when traveling:

Some things to make your pets more relaxed when traveling:

Traveling With Your Pets

U. S. State Department Travel Warning – Libya

If you are planning overseas travel, please be sure to heed U. S. State Department travel warnings –

There is a great deal of unrest in the world today and you don’t want to be caught up in some of what is going on.

People in many countries around the world are  fighting for what  is rightfully theirs – The Right To Determine Their Own Destiny! I sincerely hope for more peaceful  changes that the peoples of these troubled countries deserve.

Travel Alert From U. S. State Department – Egypt

Many areas of the world are in turmoil right now, especially Egypt. Many Americans are struggling to leave the country.

The U. S.State Department has issued alerts that you should take into consideration when traveling.

Go here for the latest alert:

You can also access the State Department’s web site here:


Holiday In Cornwall – Devon…

Holiday In Cornwall – Devon. An Introduction To This Beautiful English County.

On the very south-western tip of England lies the beautiful county of Cornwall. With a delightful mix of superb beaches (among the best in Britain), outstanding scenery and charming towns, villages and cities, Cornwall – Devon has something to offer every traveler. In the past the area of Cornwall- Devon was known for it’s mining interests – mining which included many women.

Today, along with the wealth of attractions & scenic beauty offered, the Cornwall – Devon area has many affordable hotels, B&B’s & guest houses to suit a variety of budgets.

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Travel To Cornwall Devon…


Welcome to the travel to Cornwall – Devon blog. I hope we can give you information that will help you decide to travel a bit and experience this great world of ours – especially to the Cornwall – Devon area.

Celebrate the diversity of this planet and it’s cultures; the Cornwall -Devon area would be a great place to start.